8 Tips For Feeling Accomplished as a Mom

Momma, I feel your pain! Just last week I sat in a chair with tears flowing down my face telling my husband that I felt as though as I hadn’t accomplished anything. I had worked hard but felt I had little, if anything, to show for it.

Have you been there? You pick up one room of the house only to have it destroyed a few minutes later. You make a meal and within minutes it is gone, leaving you with yet another mess to pick up in the kitchen. You work hard helping your children with schoolwork, but the results of the hard work aren’t immediate. It takes years until they can read, write or complete hard tasks on their own. You give and give to the people around you, but it just doesn’t seem like enough.

It is hard work, but Momma it is worth it! This job called motherhood is the most important thing you will ever do!

You are making a difference!

Over the past 15 years of being a mom, I’ve had the opportunity to learn some pretty cool tips for celebrating the joys of accomplishment in motherhood. I forget to use them sometimes, but when I do these 8 tips are game-changers.

Define your Job Description – We so easily forget our true job description, thinking that if we didn’t weed the garden, bring home a paycheck or put laundry away, we didn’t accomplish anything. The truth is our job description includes much more important tasks. We are called to love our families, care for them and make them feel special. Did you do that today? If so, be proud of yourself! If not, it’s not too late to start!

Identify your Target Goal – Think long term. Is your goal to have a clean house and elaborate meals or to have a happy, healthy family who follows Jesus and is quick to love others? Prioritize and develop a habit of participating in the small activities that will take you to your target destination. Spend time together. Read the Bible. Show hospitality. Serve.

Acknowledge the Creator who Chose You – God could have picked anyone in the world to be your child’s mommy, but He chose you! He knew that you had the skills and talents to provide exactly what your child needs. Thank Him for choosing you! When your focus is on Him, it’s really hard to get down about the things that you didn’t accomplish.

Choose Inspirational Names for your Tasks – A simple change of the name of your tasks will do wonders for your happiness and sense of accomplishment. Instead of “Slave to Laundry” think “Queen of the Castle” and remember the purpose of doing laundry. You are keeping your family members clothed, clean and radiant. Instead of “Working Out” or “Chef”, think “Beautiful, Healthy and Fit.” Make it your own, keep it fun and use words that inspire you to focus on your end goal.

Celebrate the Little Things – Look at yourself through your child’s eyes. Your child sees the little things. He sees the hug you gave him that made him feel special and the smile that made his little heart leap for joy. He sees the food you put in front of him, the book you read him and the moments you held him while he cried. Little things make a big difference! Celebrate those things!

Take Time for Yourself – Never feel guilty about taking time for yourself. A well-rested mother has more patience, thinks more clearly, and is overall happier throughout the day. That’s the mommy your child deserves! Even if it is just 10 minutes a day, do something that you love, something that will rejuvenate you for hours to come.

Plan Your Day – It’s virtually impossible to plan every detail of your day as a mother, but it is possible to create habits that will make a difference. Divide your plan into major topics such as faith, family, finances, friendships, fitness, and free time. Rename them to make them fun and inspirational. Then write your priority “to-do” list items in the proper category. Include action items such as playing with your kids, reading the Bible, sending encouraging messages to friends and taking time for yourself. Those are the things that really matter.

Pray – There is no greater gift that you can give yourself and your family members than to pray. Prayer is the place where our burdens are lifted and replaced by the grace and mercy of our Lord. Pray that God will give you wisdom and help you to notice your accomplishments along the way. Pray that He will keep you humble, give you the strength to persevere, and provide opportunities for you to be a beautiful example to your child. Trust Him to do the rest!

I know it is hard, but you are making a difference! Keep up the great work Mom! I’m proud of you!

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Galatians 6:9 (NKJV)

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  1. Wonderful encouragement! I know when asked what I did (for a living) when my kids were young, I replied “I’m a Mom of 3 amazing kids, and I work at ______ to help provide for them.” Being a Mom is such a wonderful blessing that we can’t take for granted because the time that they’re in our care and sphere of influence truly does fly by. Make the most of it! 💕

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