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Bobbi Schaben

  • Greater Des Moines Area, IA
  • 515-778-4044

About Me

I am extremely passionate about teaching people what God has taught me about walking in divine health. For many years I struggled with my health. I had high blood pressure, Meniere's disease, extremely painful feet, and recurrent infections. I was miserable and wasn't able to do everything that I believed God had planned for me.

Over the course of a number of years, God showed me through His word that he desired for me to be healthy. He had a plan for my life and desired for me to feel well while living out that plan. I began implementing the Biblical principles of health that I saw in the Bible. From that moment on, my life was transformed. I am healthy and feel great! My family members are healthy.  I no longer live with fear that health problems will keep me from fulfilling my dreams.

Years later, after discovering what the Bible says about plants and essential oils, I started using the Young Living product line. Now, I use the products from Young Living to support a healthy body, freshen the air in my home, clean, and cook. I love the fact that I am doing all this with high quality, effective, and natural products that benefit my family.

Please let me know how I can help you. Whether you have a desire to create a healthier, safer home for your family, or an interest in joining the Young Living team, my phone and e-mail are always open


Bobbi Schaben